"The best painting class I have ever had. Enthusiastic, extremely knowledgable instructor. Jakki is the best."


Robert S. Brown, Santa Fe, New Mexico; painter, retired interior designer



"Jakki is an amazing and inspirational teacher. She allows and encourages each student to follow their interests and develop their own style. I recommend this class to any level painter."


Barb Zickler, Santa Fe, New Mexico; software consultant, painter



"I've travelled the road from pencils to paint with Jakki as my guide. The journey has been exciting for me. Now I can't wait to start my next abstract. Thursday is my favorite day of the week now that I know what I can do with a brush."


Marvi Letey, Santa Fe, New Mexico; paralegal, painter



"This was a great class. Very informative about all aspects of pastel painting." 


Sharon Cromwell, Santa Fe, New Mexico; art director, painter




"Jakki brings heart and knowledge to the instruction provided. She has a broad experience in different techniques and encourages the confidence to follow your own expression. You will succeed and you will be amazed!


Deborah Byrnes, Santa Fe, New Mexico; art gallery accountant, painter



"Jakki not only understands and practices the principles of adult learning, her kind nature never makes even a beginner feel anything but on the road to personal success and fulfillment. Critiques are great learning. Jakki's demonstrations are hours of instruction condensed into an hour of magic."


Ed Mendez, Santa Fe, New Mexico



"I have studied with Jakki for over two years in group classes, private classes, as well as in her Taos and Abiquiu plein air workshops. It has been an extremely rewarding process both in expanding my technical knowledge of painting, and in my ability to translate creative expression with these new skills. She has helped lead me on this journey with a rare combination of encouragement, support and guidance coupled with the strong leadership that an excellent teacher must possess in order to ensure that her students stretch and succeed. Her teaching has always been focused on my artistic needs and abilities - always personal, focused and relevant. But one of the most wonderful benefits for me of studying with Jakki has been her knowledge of artists and art history; I never leave a session with Jakki without being exposed to two or three new artists whose work informs me and my painting, and for that I am very grateful."


Ray Landy, Santa Fe, New Mexico; painter, retired architect



“Listening to Jakki Kouffman during her acrylic painting class is fascinating!  The language she uses to discuss what she knows and loves about painting is as colorful as her beautiful artwork!  She has the exceptional ability to communicate in a way that inspires students with all different levels of experience in order to help them explore their own creativity and move in the direction they choose.”


Barbara Bianchi,  Santa Fe, New Mexico; teacher, education consultant



 “Over the past 35 years I have studied with many artist instructors and Jakki tops the list. In addition to being a very experienced and wonderful artist, she is a gifted and articulate teacher. Her instruction is very clear and specific, tailored to meet the needs of each student. Limited class size affords plenty of individual instruction for everyone, as well as extensive group critiques. I travel from Alaska to attend Jakki's workshops in New Mexico because they are so wonderfully organized and taught.”


Beverly Schupp, Haines, Alaska; painter, teacher, principal



“Jakki’s ability to analyze an art piece and then articulate its strong points, shortcomings and ways to improve it is extraordinary. Through her coaching, I have discovered a new talent and I have just received my first sizeable commission after less than three years of experience. While retired, I have developed a passion for art and I seek to paint every day.”


Greg De Lucca, Santa Fe, New Mexico; chemical engineer, painter



“In critiquing a piece of mine, Jakki Kouffman once stated: ‘There is a restlessness, an agitation, an unwillingness to cease the constant reinvention of what we see. This effort is never finished, but is an ongoing cause for painting.’ I’ve never forgotten this remark and I believe it is the key to an artist’s continuous drive to create.”


Kathleen Newcomb, Cold Spring, New York; painter, sculptor



“Jakki has trust in the artistic process. She presents it so beautifully, it is totally infectious. I’m hooked.”


Barbara Boyer Speigel, Santa Fe, New Mexico; video and audio producer/writer



“As a teacher, Jakki Kouffman is able to inspire and motivate and she is very skilled at imparting her profound knowledge and appreciation of her subject. She never imposes, but instead draws out the potential of each of her students according to their individual sensibilities.”


Benice Horowitz, Stamford, Connecticut; painter, teacher



“Jakki’s painting skills are honed, her powers of observation are masterful, and her verbal skills are extraordinary. If you want to be a better painter, sign up now.”


Deborah Miller, Santa Fe, New Mexico; sculptor, painter, educator



“I have wanted to paint since high school and only dared to start at age 50. I stumbled and dragged until I met Jakki Kouffman. She has brought me out and I will be indebted to her for life.”


Jeanne Barbour Pearlstein, Santa Fe, New Mexico; painter



“Jakki’s wealth of knowledge, love for painting, and devotion to teaching combine to give each of her students – beginner, intermediate and advanced – an excellent opportunity to grow as an artist.”


Lee Schmidt, Santa Fe, New Mexico; painter



“Jakki Kouffman is an exceptional teacher, equally adept at reaching artists at all levels of experience. Whether the subject is acrylic, pastels, composition, figure drawing, landscape painting, portrait painting, still-life or multi-media, Jakki is a highly versatile educator.”


Mickey Bond, Santa Fe, New Mexico; painter, educator



“Jakki Kouffman knows how to read the work of the artist. I recommend her workshops and classes to those who want to have a new source of inspiration and development in their artistic expression.”


Lieve Thiers, Sag Harbor, New York; painter



“My first class with Jakki was a true eye-opener. She not only helped me with my individual problems, but she also taught everyone in the class to look at painting in a whole new way. I recommend her workshops enthusiastically.”


Midge de Toledo, Ridgefield, Connecticut; sculptor, painter